Christina Prevett MScPT, PhD (c)

April 6th, 2019
7 pm EST
The Rise of the Masters Athlete: Redefining what it means to be "older"
Presentation Outline
  •   The rise of the Masters Athletes 
  •  Is "normal aging" just deconditioning? 
  •  How are Masters athletes influencing research & perceptions of aging?
  •  What are the unique needs of Masters athletes?
  •  What are optimal treatment approaches for this growing and resilient population?
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About Christina
  •  Christina is a registered physiotherapist graduating in 2013 and the co-owner of STAVE OFF Physiotherapy & Exercise Facility, a physiotherapy clinic-gym hybrid model. She started her PhD in 2015 in the School of Rehabilitation Studies at McMaster University. Her studies look at the utilization of high-intensity strength training principles for healthy aging and prevention of disability. Christina has competed in CrossFit, powerlifting and weightlifting and her accomplishments include a 10th place finish in the Canadian weightlifting nationals in 2018 in the 63 kg weight class.
  • Christina teaches the course, Modern Management of the Older Adult with Dustin Jones through the Institute of Clinical Excellence around optimizing geriatric physical therapy and care for the older adult. In that course, she speaks to a group that is redefining what it means to be “old”, the Masters Athlete. She is the woman behind the page the Masters Athlete Collective, where she highlights masters athletes across different sports continuing to breakdown barriers and excel in competitive athletics at all ages. 

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